About iPrioritize

The iPrioritize app was imagined and developed by Simon Hedley, the founder of Psi Pi Group and developed and published by The Simple Idea.

The app was developed to solve the problem that Simon himself faced, and many of his clients and partners faced – which is how to prioritise steps to work on in order to expedite the committed to goals.

iPrioritize was developed and refined, and there is a very exciting roadmap for the future.

The Simple Idea

The Simple Idea is committed to producing simple ideas which make a big difference, and to empowering people who are committed to being creative – both for their own entertainment and education and also for their business and legacy projects.

Profits from The Simple Idea are used to forward good causes and where possible we recommend our partners, clients, associates and friends  support the charity www.FreedomInternationalNOW.com