iPrioritize iPhone Tour

Welcome to this quick start tour for the iPhone, iPad and iOS app iPrioritize.

Step 1 – Open the App

Once you’ve downloaded the app, the next step is to open it.
Yes a simple step, and we like to keep things simple.

Download App

Step 2 – Explore the App

Before you start to use the app, lets explore it.

You can always reset the app, by deleting it, and re-downloading – which you can do at no cost.

So the first thing is to explore the app and have a play. We’ll give you some more tips here in a second.

Step 3 – Use the App – Quick Start – Goal

  1. Add a new Goal
    This is something you want to achieve or create

    1. Click “Goals
    2. Click the “+” icon
    3. Enter the Goal Name
    4. Click “Done
    5. Click “Save
  2. Add a Step
    This is an action or conversation that you think will help you achieve or create the goal.
    You can add these in any order – the iPrioritize app will prioritize them for you!

    1. Click on the title of the goal you added
    2. Click the “+” icon
    3. Enter the Step Name
    4. Enter any Step Details – maybe a website, phone number or other key information
    5. Click “Done
    6. Click “Save
  3. Answer the six simple yes / no questions in order:
    1. Viable?  This means can you afford to do the step in financial / cash terms.
    2. Capable? This means do you have the skills / resources to complete the step.
    3. Desire? This means do you have the desire to do this step – somethings you want to do, and something you don’t.
    4. Urgent?  This means does the step need to happen urgently.
    5. Important? This means do you feel the step is important – somethings you feel are important and somethings not.
    6. Outcomes? This means do you feel the step is aligned with your long term vision.


    • Give your instant answer… don’t overthink
    • “Not sure” means “No”