#Tip14 Environment

They say “environment is stronger than will power” (see

When you think about the environment you’re in now.. how do you feel?

Are there things you’ve put off?

Are there things you know you want to do?

For example.. in a room that my friend rents out, there’s a mark on the wall, that needs painting. It will take 5 minutes.. However he keeps forgetting.. until he used iPrioritize..

When did you last prioritise your environment?

How clean is your bedroom?

Your kitchen?

Your bathroom?

Your car?

Your Office?

Your wallet?

Your wardrobe?

Use iPrioritize today to prioritise your environment

Good luck..

ps.. remember you can always delegate… to a cleaner, an optimiser, or an expert..


#Tip14 Schedule Time

Schedule time to think about your priorities and review iPrioritize.

If you put 5 minutes in your diary every day, and use the time to focus on your priorities, what difference could that make over a month? over a year? 

You can put a repeating entry in your calendar very simply as you’ll see in this screenshow below.

Remember: What gets scheduled get’s done..