Secret 1 – Start

The first step is the most important, but the last step gets the results.

On a global conference call for leaders, someone was talking about their wish to improve their productivity.

I asked if they had iPrioritize.

They had downloaded it..


However they hadn’t even used it yet..

You have to download the app and use it to get results.

RememberThe first step is the most important, but the last step gets the results.

Get the app and use it today..



#Tip14 Schedule Time

Schedule time to think about your priorities and review iPrioritize.

If you put 5 minutes in your diary every day, and use the time to focus on your priorities, what difference could that make over a month? over a year? 

You can put a repeating entry in your calendar very simply as you’ll see in this screenshow below.

Remember: What gets scheduled get’s done..



The Merlin Method

Start with the end in Mind

As we come close to Sep 21 2014, we wanted to share our vision here at The Simple Idea and iPrioritize of the future.. and why we are doing what we’re doing.

Let’s start with a question.. What if people were focussed on more optimal things?

I know that there’s been times in the past, especially when I was learning and working in banking.. when despite the best intentions I’m clear I could have more optimally prioritised my time, energy and resources.

We have a vision of the future, where people are able to have a goal, come up with the steps to achieve the goal and have a system – with an optimal optimising intelligence – and as a results people are able to harness their creativity more and more elegantly.

Can you imagine if for the last decade you had been 1% more focussed…

What difference would that have made to your life and business?

What difference would that have made to the world?

Learn more about starting with the end in mind..

The Merlin Method

To learn how to maximise your Creativity, check out:

The Creativity Challenge




iPrioritize – Competition

If you download iPrioritize now and use it .. and choose to rate it highly and then post your comment on our facebook page  you can be in with a chance to get access to a scholarship package – worth over £100k GBP and includes priceless money can’t buy experiences.

Imagine having over a year of mentoring, coaching and support to help you prioritize your world.. and to help you optimise your life, business and legacy..

Are you ready to DelegateEverything?

The first step is to prioritize everything with iPrioritize? Download iPrioritize the App NOW


iPrioritize News

We are excited to be relaunching the website for the world’s number one prioritization app iPrioritize.

Here at you will find all the information you need to learn how and why to download the app at the Apple App Store.


You’ll learn how to use iPrioritize to improve your productivity in life and business.

We’ll also be sharing insider secrets and more.